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Kidsgames is game maker and publisher based in Armenia. Our small and smart team develop educational games specially for 2-7 year old kids. Kidsgames creative team consists of designer, animator, graphic artist, programmer, QA tester

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and producer. We also corporate with musicians, kid psychologists, marketers, content writers, video makers, translators We believe that all materials and methodologies of the games are correct and will benefit the right development of children.

Our main priority is to make the best quality games in the industry. Parents download our games from Apple App Store and Google Play !!

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From the moment they're born, today's children are bombarded with screens. From parents proudly snapping photos to showing cartoons and games on devices – we can’t deny that this is all part of a child's development journey! And as caregivers, our mission is to monitor how much screen time our kids have and what content they consume during that time - after all, those moments will shape their future.

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Highly Recommended

  • Do not replace real high-quality games and toys with virtual ones.

  • Provide to kid devices with high-quality screens as much as it is possible.

  • It is better for child more to interact with their screen rather than just watch it.

  • Provide a high-quality game experience made specially for children.

  • Spend time showing your child the difference between real and virtual things: Its the most important thing you must do !!!